Alternatives are Good for Spring Break

What will do this Spring Break? Would you like to learn new things, explore new cultures, or serve a community? ECIR is offering two alternatives experiences for spring break 2013:

  • Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe) Cultural Engagement Program, Bay Mills Indian (Ojibwe) Community Spring Break Trip :  This cultural engagement and educational program will provide an introduction to the history, language, culture, lifeways, and worldview of this Native American tribe. The program will include teachings by Ojibwe elders, cultural knowledge holders, educators, ceremonial leaders, artists, storytellers, drummers, and more.


  • Appalachian Service Learning Program, St. Paul, VA Alternative Spring Break Trip:  Spend your break volunteering in a rural mountain community, while participating in cultural experiences to enhance your understanding of the area’s rich history. Carpentry and construction skills, and ability to use power tools are preferred but not required.

Everyone is welcome to join. To register for either of these, look for the registration form under the Educational Programs tab and select the appropriate program from the drop down menu.

Expand your horizons this Spring Break!

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