January 12, 2011

Alumni Focus

Levon Petrosyan

“What brought you to ECIR?”

I was attracted by ECIR for two principal reasons: International aspect and Ecumenical background. Before coming to the USA and residing at ECIR I resided at International City of Paris which has around 40 student houses dedicated to different countries (like House of Armenia, House of Brazil, etc). So before moving to Ann Arbor as Postdoctoral lecturer University of Michigan, I was looking for a similar student house in Ann Arbor. I was equally attracted by ecumenical aspect of ECIR where students from different religious background interact with each other. In my imagination ECIR was a mini-model of our world: Despite cultural differences, there are common moral rules which create a peaceful, harmonious, and mutually enriching life.

“What was the impact ECIR had on you?”

I had a great experience with ECIR and I lived there from September 2011 to April 2012. I actively participated in different events organized by the administration of the ECIR as picnic, retreat, meeting, trip, dinner. Through these events I met new friends, I enriched my knowledge about other cultures, I strengthen my sense of responsibility vis-à-vis global social problems like discrimination, repression, war, etc. But the most important impression and souvenir that ECIR offered me was the trip to Ojibwa Community in Bay Mills (Michigan). During this trip we communicated with the members and the leaders of the community, learnt about their culture, daily life, and discovered the beautiful nature of the area.

“Where are you now?”

After the end of my contract with University of Michigan, I got three year Postdoctoral Researcher appointment with Harvard University. I have recently finished my contract with Harvard and moved to California. I am now in service for Western Diocese of the Armenian Church as Campus Ministry Coordinator. I organize Bible studies, theological and language courses for students. I also give lectures and participate in conferences in the universities and colleges of Los Angeles area.