January 12, 2011


ECIR is an intentional, international, intercultural, interreligious living learning community.

We strive to create an environment where each member contributes, interacts, and benefits from the diversity of each resident through daily interaction and regular programs.

The quality of community life requires the active participation of each resident.  Therefore, we ask each resident of ECIR to be willing to live by the following policies:

  • participate in at least one residence program or activity each month;
  • volunteer to cook, present, facilitate, set-up or clean-up for a Global Village Square (GVS) at least once during my residency or at least once every year;
  • respect and honor the views of others, including differing religious convictions, political understandings, family, social, and cultural patterns;
  • share a multi-bedroom apartment with anyone, regardless of his or her nationality, cultural traditions, or religion;
  • be sensitive, flexible, cooperative, and compromising for the good of their apartment mates;
  • participate in ECIR as a global community of  understanding and caring.

Residents of ECIR who fully engage in our community leave with a better understanding of the world around them and a greater appreciation and awareness of world cultures.