October 28, 2014


Program Committee

Beth Eliason, Chair

The Program Committee helps the Staff plan and execute yearly and occasional events such as: International Dinner, Summer Picnic, Retreats, Trips, Shopping, the Delonis Center volunteers, etc.

Property Committee

Bobbi Heilveil and John Wiseman, Chairs

The Property Committee attends to the care and financial administration of all ECIR property, including overseeing grounds and residence upkeep and renovation,

Finance Committee

Terry Gallagher and  Jeanne Hernandez, Chairs

The Finance Committee creates the annual budget for ECIR, and keeps track of income and expenses during the year, adjusting the budget if necessary.

Development Committee

Ernestine Griffin, Chair

The Development Committee works with the ECIR board and director in planning and conducting activities related to fundraising, marketing, branding and donor relations. The committee meets approximately 1.5 hours/month with members spending an additional 1-3 hours/month on development activities.

Advisory Council

Loveleen Bajwa
Daniel J. Cramer, Attorney & Counselor, LL.M. Taxation
Judy Dyer, Ph.D., Lecturer
John Greisberger, Ph.D., Director, International Center
Nile Harper, President – Urban Church Research
Aysha Kasham, Attorney & Counselor at Law, AJK Law
Joungwook Lee, MD, MBA
Mutombo Mpanya, Ph.D.
Roger Pohl
Debbie Rough
Cliff Sheldon
Athena Trentin – Global Talent Retention Initiative
LaRon Williams
Robert Miller

Become more involved with ECIR by joining the Advisory Council. E-mail inquiries to info@ecir.org

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