May 31, 2011

Cultural Engagement

Global Village Square

The Global Village Square series is designed to promote awareness of and appreciation for diversity of cultural customs, religious values/ practices, political understandings, and family traditions. GVS features speakers, performers, films, and international cuisine as diverse as our residents. The overarching goal is to provide a series of interactive events that nurture a global living learning community for the international (including American) community of Ann Arbor.

View our new series of interactive events, Global Village Café, Global Village Voices, Global Village Theater, and Global Village Lifeways on the ECIR Calendar.


Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe) Cultural Engagement Program, Bay Mills Indian (Ojibwe) Community Spring Break Trip

This cultural engagement and educational program provides an introduction to the history, language, culture, lifeways, and worldview of this Native American tribe. The program includes teachings by Ojibwe elders, cultural knowledge holders, educators, ceremonial leaders, artists, storytellers, drummers, and more.

Exploring Spiritual Communities

Experience new and diverse faith traditions, practices, and values by visiting a different religious community each week. Converse on topics related to faith issues with people of different faith traditions and backgrounds.