January 12, 2011

Apply for Residential Program

To be considered for the Residential Program at ECIR, please review the application process and complete the application form below.

Application Process

Review of applications for the academic semester or year begins in March and continues through August or until all rooms in our community are filled. Spring and Summer applications are reviewed on a continuous basis as openings occur.

Once your application has been received by the Residence Life Manager, it will be reviewed and responded to within 2-3 weeks.

When your application has been approved and we have received your initial deposit and payment, you will be matched with another apartment-mate(s) and placed in an apartment.

Since ECIR is an intentional community consisting of both residential and educational programming, we would like you to share with us why this living situation interests you. Please pay special attention to completing this portion of the form as it contributes heavily in the decision making process.

Background & Contact Information

Name (required)

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Present Address (required)

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Home Address (required)

Nationality (required)

Cultural Identities (required)

How long have you lived in the US? (required)

Religion or Faith Background

Study Details

Degree Level (required)

University Department or Program

Field of Study (required)

If Visiting Scholar, what Department or Program?

When will you complete your course of study? (required)

Lease Period

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*** Fall/Winter (9 months from August 20th – May 20th)
Fall (4 1/2 months from August 20th – December 31st *limited availability*)
Winter (4 1/2 months from January 1st – May 15th *limited availability*)
Spring/Summer (month-to-month from May 20th – August 20th)
Annual (August 20th to August 20th)

Our leases are based on each person renting an individual private bedroom within an apartment. Those renting a one bedroom apartment will not have apartment-mates. We offer 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments, and 3 bedroom apartments.

Apartment Preference (required)

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Emergency Contact Information

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Please list two references or contacts. Please give the name of your sponsoring professor, department, corporation or agency which brought you here. Or simply list the name of the person who referred you to ECIR.

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Community Questions

How did you learn about the Ecumenical Center & International Residence? (required)

For what reasons do you wish to live at the Ecumenical Center- an intentional living-learning community of students from around the world? How would you benefit personally and professionally? What would you be able to contribute to our international community (topics in your field of study, information about your country, your religion, or other issue of interest). Please attach up to one page with your answers. (required)

How could you contribute to our international community? Please list any special talents or skills that you have. (required)

Do you have special needs (religious, dietary, medical, vegetarian, etc.) of which we should be aware in placing you in an Ecumenical Center & International Residence apartment? (required)

On a scale from 1-10, where would you place yourself in regard to your needs for a neat and clean apartment and your inclination to do a share of the cleaning. (This is not a judgmental question, but does help us in placing persons together with similar needs and patterns in this respect.) (required)

Are you a morning person or an evening person?

Do you smoke?

How tolerant are you of noise?

Commitment to the International Community

  • I understand that this is an international, intercultural, interreligious residence in which many patterns of living are represented and that a major purpose of the Center is to recognize our differences and to learn from each other.
  • I agree to participate in programs planned by the residents and staff and to help plan at least one program or activity each semester.
  • I agree to share (where applicable) an apartment with anyone, regardless of his or her nationality or religious tradition.
  • I agree to ECIR sharing my name, email address, degree level, field of study, and country information with my assigned apartment mate(s).
  • I understand that sharing apartments requires sensitivity to others and necessitates each person making some compromises for the good of the apartment group and the community.
  • I am aware that ECIR is a smoke-free building and agree to honor this stipulation.

I Agree (required)