January 12, 2011


ECIR welcomes all members of the community who are interested in taking part and supporting the ECIR mission to get involved through our many opportunities of service.


  • Register to be a host with our Global Friendship Program
  • Recruit households in your congregation or organization to hosts international students for the Global Friendship Program
  • Provide short-term housing for international students who arrive in Ann Arbor before their apartment is available
  • Drivers
  • Take students grocery shopping on Saturday mornings
  • Pick-up newly arriving international students at the airport and welcome them to our community and ECIR
  • Drive for a community service experience & participate in that event with students
  • Office
  • Help with office work – answer phones, do filing, photocopying.
  • Be on-call to help get special mailings such as Center Reports and Friends of the Center mailings ready to go to the post office
  • Computer data entry
  • Help develop, update, and maintain the ECIR database
  • Assist with archiving


  • Work with other volunteers to renovate and update apartments, furniture moving and sourcing.
  • Volunteer personally or organize a team in your congregation or organization to paint a student apartment
  • On-going needs for persons with plumbing, heating, and electrical skills
  • Assist with maintenance, spring cleaning, landscaping and gardening


  • Prepare a meal for a Global Village Dinner during exams and other times of special need
  • Help plan and accompany a student trip to Traverse City,  St. Paul Virginia, Chicago, or a work camp trip (like with Habitat for Humanity)

Serve on an ECIR Committee:

  • Program- Chair- Beth Eliason
    The Program Committee helps the Staff plan and execute yearly and occasional events such as: International Dinner, Summer Picnic, Retreats, Trips, Shopping, the Delonis Center volunteers, etc.
  • Property- Chair- John Wiseman
    The Property Committee attends to the care and financial administration of all ECIR property, including overseeing grounds and residence upkeep and renovation.
  • Finance- Chair- Jeanne Hernandez
    The Finance Committee creates the annual budget for ECIR, and keeps track of income and expenses during the year, adjusting the budget if necessary.
  • Development- Chair- Ernestine Griffin
    The Development Committee works with the ECIR board and director in planning and conducting activities related to fundraising, marketing, branding and donor relations. The committee meets approximately 1.5 hours/month with members spending an additional 1-3 hours/month on development activities.